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Filename and author Size (kb) Description
Blood No-Swear RTS
Paul J. Smith a.k.a. Wally Waffles
355 ALRDYDED.VOC ; 1. Fool! You are already dead!
AMATUERS.VOC ; 2. Rest in pieces
COMEOUT.VOC ; 3. Amatuers
GOTAPRES.VOC ; 4. I've got a present for ya
IWONIWON.VOC ; 5. Oh, I won, I won, I won, I won, I won
NBITNICE.VOC ; 6. Ooh, that wasn't a bit nice
PLAYWME.VOC ; 7. Run, run
RESTPIEC.VOC ; 8. No one wants to play with me
RUNRUN.VOC ; 9. Come out, come out, where ever you are
STNDBLED.VOC ; 10. Are you just gonna stand there and bleed?
Blood RTS Pack #1
Paul J. Smith a.k.a. Wally Waffles
233 1019.VOC ; 1. Hey she-bitch! Let's go
1039.VOC ; 2. Sonuvabitch must pay
3001B.VOC ; 3. Woo, what the Hell did that do?
3032.VOC ; 4. Ding dong, the bitch is dead
1052.VOC ; 5. I'm not dead...yet
1011.VOC ; 6. Who wants some, huh? Who's next?
1082.VOC ; 7. Pathetic insects
1012.VOC ; 8. I want some more
1040.VOC ; 9. It's all in the reflexes
1113.VOC ; 10. (Laughter)
RTS Pack #1
Paul J. Smith a.k.a. Wally Waffles
142 for Duke3D

IMGOOD12.VOC ; 1. Damn, I'm good!
GETSOM1A.VOC ; 2. Come get some!
BLOWIT01.VOC ; 3. Blow it out yer ass!
SUKIT01.VOC ; 4. Suck it down!
RIP01.VOC ; 5. I'll rip your head off and shit down your neck
EATSHT01.VOC ; 6. Eat shit and die
CHEW05.VOC ; 7. It's time to kick ass & chew bubble gum...and I'm all out of gum
WAITIN03.VOC ; 8. What're you waiting for, Christmas?
PISSIN01.VOC ; 9. You're pissin' me off!
DMDEATH.VOC ; 10. (Duke's DukeMatch death sound)

No-Swear RTS
Paul J. Smith a.k.a. Wally Waffles
117 for Duke3D

GETCRAP1.VOC ; 1. Get that crap outta here.
GETSOM1A.VOC ; 2. Come get some!
POSTAL01.VOC ; 3. Looks like it's time for me to go postal
SUKIT01.VOC ; 4. Suck it down!
TERMIN01.VOC ; 5. Terminated!
MAKEDAY1.VOC ; 6. Go ahead, make my day
CRY01.VOC ; 7. I'm not cryin' over this
WAITIN03.VOC ; 8. What're you waiting for, Christmas?
PISSIN01.VOC ; 9. You're pissin' me off!
DMDEATH.VOC ; 10. (Duke's DukeMatch death sound)

Howard Stern Show
Jack Tripper
112 for Duke3D

236 for NAM

166 for Shadow Warrior

209 for Shadow Warrior

Ben Ruoff's
163 Fun Shadow Warrior RTS File.

Ben Ruoff's
157 Mean Shadow Warrior RTS File.

219 for Shadow Warrior

811 RTS file for Milti-play with more leonard and biker sayings.

974 All the best redneck cussin' in one RTS file.

789 Now the gals can heckle the guys in this multiplayer RTS file. The sounds are from Redneck Rampage Rides Again

234 This is my 3Stooges RTS! It's not as good as my South Park RTS (heh, what is?) - but it's still cool.

136 This is my South Park RTS! I tried the other South Park RTS files but they just didn't cut it, so I made this one. Whether or not you like South Park, or liked the other RTS files, you'll love this one!

Player Distraction
decoys 146 Decoy RTS Files and how to use them
These RTS use Decoy Snds(Snds from the game) to make the other player think that a door is opening or theres gun fire...etc..
As usual, all players must have the same rts file for the effect to work...the
snd is not sent over the simple activates the RTS selection at the
other opentants end..playing what ever snd they have.(They will need to have the same rts file you have)

An alternative would to give each player a different Decoy RTS, thus when you send a decoy your really not sure what snd the other players are hearing...This will increasing the effect of the Decoy RTS, since your evenless sure if the snd played matched anything remotely close to what you want. Threw out the game you'll have to judge by the other players reation what type of "decoy effect" was used.

Third, Some Decoys can be noticed as a decoy snd instantly.
An example would be:
Hearing a Decoy snd of a door being opened, when in fact your not near a door...or say theres two doors atleast 30 feet away, but the rts decoy snd , sounds as if the doors right next to you.

"I played with these Decoys in a game........When I was out of ammo, I could fake the snd of the chaingun along with movement..this would create havoc on your oppentants senses!! You watch them run and then you run away to get ammo.....
decoys2 271
decoys3 202
97 This I made just with the idea to save ammo while still sending your enemy on the run. It has sound effects of some of the weapons, including cocking and reloading!
Wang RTS
Joe Siegler of 3DR
416 I created these two RTS files. The first one is primarily Lo Wang speak, things like "I am the Shadow Warrior", which the game
normally says when you turn invisible, "Two Wangs are better than one", and "Time to get Erased".

The second is more sound effects, a door opening and closing, and the Nuclear Weapon loading sound. :)

All of these were in the sw.grp file...
Dukes Voice
Duke64 165 Includes 7 RTS sayings from the N64 Platform game.
Ian Morris
230 Based on the default Duke VOC files. I've filled the 10 RTS slots with
some catchy phrases made by cutting and pasting parts of the originals with GoldWave.
Co-op Team
334 These files are intended to compliment the RTCM Player Communication Online Document, see   "game-team-communication" Doc
Command & Conquer
Greg Smith
506 Sounds from Command & Conquer (Westwood Studios)

(F1 - F4 Female Computer Voice)

F1 = "Reinforcements have arrived"
F2 = "Low power" - Pretty insulting when you're getting your ass kicked
F3 = "Nuclear weapon available"
F4 = "Nuclear warhead approaching"

(F5 - F8 Soldier talking on Radio)

F5 = "Ready and waiting"
F6 = "Not a problem"
F7 = "Affirmative"
F8 = "Negative"

(F9 - F10 Commando)

F9 = "I've got a present for ya!"
F10 = "It's time to Rock 'n' Roll!"
Full Metal Jacket
613 This file is simply a collection of the better taunts that the drill sergant in FMJ screams out at the recruits. This is for mature Duke fans that want some good taunts to really piss off their enemies with.

Mitchell Anicas
151 for NAM

*List of Sounds*

F1 - Copy that                                            (yes)
F2 - Negative, soldier                                (no)
F3 - Dont move                                          (stand still)
F4 - Come with me if you want to live   (follow me)
F5 - Run for cover                                     (get cover)
F6 - Charlie up ahead                                (enemy up ahead)
F7 - Area clear                                            (no enemies in the area)
F8 - I need the medic now                        (bring the medic)
F9 - (need idea)
F10 - (need idea)

Platoon v1.0
502 Especially made for Platoon - Total Conversion, Can be used without it.