powerslave-patchs    Version 1-12-2015   Release 5  1F/ 9.43KB (c) RTCM Corvin

Powerslave and Exhumed Patches.


Filename and author Size (kb) Description
EX / PS DeHacker v1.0 (src inc)
9.43 Patches game so you don't need to mount the CD nor will you need a CD in the drive and it will play the BOOK.MOV file. Plus a lot more...

You have four options:
Set (always run mode on)
Set (mouse look always on)*
Set (strafe always and faster)**
Set (always CDOFF, enabled (nocd))

*Mouse sensitivity ([F7]/[F8]) works only for horizontal axis.

**Strafe FAST is assigned to Turn_Left and Turn_Right NOT Strafe_Left and Strafe_Right. So you need to reconfigure Turn_Left and Turn_Right keys to A and D respectively to get the WASD key configuration.
Turn_Left = "A" ""
Turn_Right = "D" ""
Strafe_Left = "" ""
Strafe_Right = "" ""

Includes patches for Powerslave and Exhumed. Includes patch program. Run this patching program in DOSBox.