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AVD-Aliens VS Duke TC Demo




AVD-Aliens VS Duke TC Demo is for version 1.4/1.5. It has 1 level and the file is 22.5MB in size. The file name is avd.zip. It was released on March 4, 2008. The text file said to use the jfduke port. I had a problem getting the sound and keys to work with that port so I used the eduke32 port instead. Just edit the avd.bat file by replacing duke3d.exe with eduke32.exe. Also only place the duke3d.grp file, the eduke32 files, and the avd.zip files in your Aliens VS Duke folder.

AVD: Aliens VS Duke TC Demo had good level design and gameplay. There is a nice level of detail although it's hard to tell because most of the level is very dark. (I had to lighten some of the the screenshots just to make them visible.) To pick up a weapon off the floor you need to point the cursor/crosshairs at it and press the use key. The facehugger aliens are quick and as far as I could tell can only be killed by shooting them from a distance. Save often because once one is on your face you are dead. This is one of scariest TC's I've played because of them. They were okay in a single level but would get tiresome in an episode I think. There are some interesting cutsceens like the one where you can catch a glimpse of a body being pulled up through an air shaft. This demo is definitely worth checking out.

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